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Squee and Erik vs Siege Squee and Erik vs Siege

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Pretty Kick ass!

Okay, im not good at making FULL reviews but i'll point off things i like and what you could improve on.

- Theres a lot going on, making this an exciting picture.
-Use of colour in the powers. Makes it less bland than using just one colour. Take example the Shoop Da Whoop picture. It's got different shades of blue in it, including white, which shows bits of lighting.
-Your anatomy at your skill level is pretty okay. I'd take a look at comics, or still life pictures to get the anatomy on track.

- You might want to line your buildings correctly. Try drawing a few lines first to make the ways for the buildings, then draw the ledges. ( unless, idea, that building could be colapsing. Add cracks and breaking's along the edges for that! That would look sweet during a super human battle!)
-Background could use a little more shabam. Perhaps window lights, and you could try to fade the top of the buildings into the dark sky, to show it going on, and disappearing into the night.
-moon. Im sorry, but thats one thing i kinda dont like. I suggest just drawing it in JUST pencil crayon. Better effect, me thinks.

Other than all that, Very lively picture, Like the colour's, and i hope the digital comes out awesome!

SqueeFTW responds:

Thanks a ton for the advise, I will work on that stuff! =D